Warehousing and Distribution

Offering complete packaging process management and quick turnarounds, MPI handles packaging and repa

























ckaging of consumer goods, automotive components and service parts, retail merchandise packaged for point-of-sale display and many other promotional materials.  We can also package material per military standards and to exacting contract requirements.  Years of experience and a flexible, stable workforce enable the smooth and efficient handling of seasonal and one-time projects.

Public & Contract Warehousing

MPI Warehousing offers full-service, short-term and long-term storage for a wide variety of customers with commercial or industrial products. Ownership of 2 large facilities in Metro Detroit provides a strategic, central-location advantage and a total of over 800,000 square feet of space, readily available by the pallet, rack or square foot. More than 20 acres of outdoor storage -- secured and insured -- is also available. MPI offers over 30 years of experience -- from complete automotive component systems to package liquor, and everything in between.
Foreign Trade Zone & US Customs Bond

With MPI Warehousing come the expedience and cost-savings of a Foreign Trade Zone - admitting approved merchandise without the immediate payment of U.S. Customs duties or excise taxes.  Importers and exporters can leverage these benefits to conduct international business with significant time and cost savings.  With 30 years of maintaining a U.S. Customs Bond, MPI can assist with all your shipping and receiving needs related to U.S. Customs requirements - including maintenance of customs paperwork and inventory.
Distribution Services

MPI's Rail Trans Load Facilities offer the flexibility of being serviced by multiple railroads.  Dual-rail access provides quick, cost-effective handling of all products - including break-out commodities and trans-loading to and from flatbeds, boxcars or gondola railcars.  A state of the art tracking system keeps you continuously informed on the status of your project throughout the process.

MPI Logistics, Inc. delivers cost-effective, non-owned asset trucking that includes local transport, long distance cartage and LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments.  From consumer products to industrial components and break-bulk cargos, the primary emphasis are always the same: careful handling and on-time, on-demand servicing for the time-sesative transport of all shipments.

Cross-Docking Services from MPI provide complete, damag-free cross docking - for all modes of transport.  Rapid consolidation of shipments from disparate sources helps realize economies of scale in outbound transportaion, eliminating the inventory-holding function.  Cost-efficient handling and transfer helps improve the speed of clients' supply chains


Consolidation Services

To benefit less-than-truckload (LTL) clients, MPI reduces transportation costs, delivery times, inventory holding costs and administrative burdens with its 100 percent truckload consolidation services. In addition to helping manage the shipper's costs, retailers realize benefits such as the reduction of dock congestion and out-of-stocks, as well as improving ordering flexibility.  In many cases, MPI's multi vendor consolidation can save up to 40% versus traditional LTL services.

Custom Color Match

When a client’s desired color is not standard or readily available, MPI offers custom color matching in liquid or powder. Our specialized custom colorizing process and cutting-edge mixing technology ensures consistent, high-performance formulations and a perfect color match each time.

Stenciling /
Part Marking

MPI Offers the latest innovations in industrial stenciling and part marking, meeting the highest standards in traceability, verification, and part identification. This includes direct part marking by laser and manual marking tools. MPI can apply roller, rubber stamp or spray stenciling, with onsite fabrication of templates allowing for the most rapid execution of your order.

Custom Masking

Part configuration and layout can offer the extremely challenging task of painting a large surface, while leaving tiny critical areas free of paint. For these challenges, MPI offers the industry’s finest custom masking solutions. Our precision technology and experienced masking specialists ensure every job meets the most precise tolerances.

Kitting & Assembly

MPI offers major or minor assembly, including light assembly of consumer goods, automotive, military and truck components. Everything from small parts to heavy components -- and simple to complex operations can be provided. MPI’s kitting services bring together the fabrication, packaging, and shipping of multiple parts to clients under one parent part number. This saves time and cost by reducing in-house inventory and freight expenses, with quicker turnaround of finished product.