Polyester Powder Coatings are highly customizable – conforming to the most demanding performance criteria and stringent cure processing needs. Long-term exterior durability is their hallmark, making them popular in numerous automotive trim components and other exterior applications. Those utilized by MPI feature outstanding wear characteristics, as well as high performance mechanical properties and over-bake resistance. Offering greater durability and a lower cost than many comparable multi-coat liquid systems, Polyester Coatings have become a staple for many MPI customers.


Superior resistance to salt spray and chemicals makes this a coating ideal for interior or underbody areas not exposed to sunlight. MPI’s Epoxy-based Powder Coatings deliver the durability, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and adhesion required for the toughest industrial and consumer product usage. Creating finishes with exceptional abrasion resistance, powder epoxy coatings are utilized by MPI clients in numerous applications, including: pipe coatings, metal furnishings, shelving, high voltage switchgear, appliances, power tools, etc.



Urethane Powder Coatings from MPI exhibit outstanding gloss retention, as well as long-term resistance to corrosion and humidity. This solvent-free alternative to conventional coatings offers numerous advantages in chemical and physical resistance. Nearly all overspray can be recycled, making the process environmentally sound and compatible with today’s stringent VOC requirements.


MPI provides Hybrid Coating solutions that are perfect for interior applications, appliances, tools, furnishings, and more. Their advantages include a broad range of glosses, excellent edge coverage, leveling and wetting, flexibility, hardness, scratch resistance and mild chemical resistance. With excellent adhesion and transfer efficiency, wrap-around properties, and dependable resistance to yellowing—MPI’s Hybrid Powder Coatings offer a sound, economical alternative to epoxies.


From a single component or prototype batch, to a run of one million pieces on a fully automated line -- MPI’s powder coating capabilities encompass the full spectrum of industrial requirements. MPI’s fully automated and/or manual coating technology controls particle size distribution to exacting tolerances, for exceptional first-pass transfer efficiencies and edge coverage – providing the most repeatable process in the industry.