As a world leader in the application of CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating), MPI has been chosen to supply exterior polyurethane
and interior epoxy surfaces for the nation’s leading manufacturers of military tactical equipment – including Navistar, General Dynamics, TACOM, BAE and AM General.

MPI stands at the forefront of CARC
technology, offering:



























Dry Film Lubricants

MPI’s bonded dry film lubricants deliver exceptional performance, reducing friction and wear through the prevention of surface-to-surface contact between mating parts. With special rust inhibitors offering exceptional corrosion protection in harsh environments, they provide a durable, lasting boundary of solid film lubricant for many base materials. These include plastic, aluminum, zinc, titanium, nickel, copper, brass, stainless steel and other metals.



Zinc-Rich Coatings

Over the past 30 years, MPI has perfected the application of zinc-rich primers for commercial and industrial components -- offering the most efficient methods of anticorrosion protection.

MPI’s zinc-rich processes achieve:


Metal-to-Rubber Bonding

MPI offers metal-to-rubber bonding services on a wide variety of products— from engine and strut mounts, to complete suspension systems and any components requiring shock absorption, sound deadening, vibration or noise control. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and bonding application processes, MPI meets the most stringent customer design and quality requirements.