Alkaline Cleaning

Alkaline is one of the most thorough and cost-effective agents for cleaning metal surfaces. Complete removal of oils, grease, waxes, metallic fines and other substances are essential to optimize the performance of subsequently applied coatings. MPI’s automated and manual Alkaline Cleaning processes employ the latest methods of displacement, emulsification, dispersion, and metal oxide dissolution.

This ensures a pristine surface for the application of any paint or rust inhibitors for long-term storage.


Shot Blasting/
Shot Peening

Blasting surfaces with a controlled stream of abrasive shot material is a fast and effective method for removing flash, burrs, scale, rust or surface contaminants that remain on the parts after casting, stamping or fabricating. MPI offers a wide array of Shot Blast technologies in which the precise combination of equipment and shot media is selected to achieve optimal results. Shot Peening bombards the surface with tiny spherical media in an even, hammering motion to prevent fatigue failures. This process helps reduce premature failure and can extend the life of parts exponentially.

MPI’s Parts Finishing Team has refined Shot Blasting and Peening to an art, perfecting the direction of shots to a precise area for a repeatable, consistent process.


MPI provides complete rust removal services with quick turnaround, utilizing environmentally friendly methods.  This process is used for surface preparation prior to coating or other treatments on a wide variety of iron and steel components.  The process only removes rust from the designated parts, with all other exposed metal areas and their tolerances unaffected.