MPI is uniquely qualified to meet the strictest CARC requirements established by the US Armed Services.
When applied properly, CARC endows surfaces with properties critical in field combat:

• Invisibility to infrared detection

• Superior resistance to chemical warfare
  agent penetration

• Exceptional durability and protection in
  harsh environments

• Camouflaged colors specific to a wide
  range of combat contexts

• Simplified decontamination

• Greater surface longevity/extended
  service life

MPI is fully certified to deliver CARC surfacing that meets the strictest US military standards – standing at the forefront of this technology and offering:

• Superior quality coatings for pretreatment of
  ferrous/non-ferrous metal substrates

• Resistance to corrosion, scratching, scuffing,
  fading and peeling

• Zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), lead or

• Low VOC/optimal combination of effectiveness
  and environmental safety

• Solvent base and water base resin systems

• Silica and polymeric-flattened systems

As a world leader in the application of CARC, MPI has been chosen to supply exterior polyurethane and interior epoxy surfaces for the nation’s leading manufacturers of military tactical equipment – including Navistar, General Dynamics, TACOM,
BAE and AM General.

MPI is proud to provide technology
that helps safeguard the lives and wellbeing of our troops in theater, meeting and exceeding the highest performance standards established by the military.

CARC is a highly specialized paint process required for select military vehicles and equipment. These
non-porous coatings prevent
chemical, biological, and radioactive contaminants from penetrating the surface and base material, while also cloaking vehicles from infrared detection. In addition, they simplify decontamination efforts by resisting chemical damage from aggressive cleaning agents used to decontaminate military vehicles.

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